Cyril Briquet & Xavier Dalem, Researchers - Ulg

Integrating P2P file sharing with P2P Grid computing

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Cyril Briquet
is a PhD student in Computer Science and teaching assistant at the EECS Department, University of Liege.

He holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Computer Science, both from the University of Liege, and is active in the teaching activities of the Algorithmics Lab since 1999.

His research interests include P2P Grid computing, scheduling, discrete-event simulation and algorithmics.

His research work has been centered around the design and implementation of an operational Open Source P2P Grid middleware that enables computers at the edge of the Internet to barter (i.e. exchange) computational time transparently and in a totally scalable (i.e. distributed) fashion. Of particular interest in this middleware is the integration of P2P data transfers (BitTorrent) with P2P Grid computing.




Xavier Dalem is a recent graduate in Computer Science and, as of October 2007, is a teaching assistant and researcher at the EECS Department, University of Liege, where he has already worked as an undergraduate assistant.

He got his M.S. in Computer Science in 2007. His Master's thesis, set in the context of undergoing research at the Algorithmics Lab (ULg), consisted in adding networking capabilities to a P2P Grid middleware that was used until then within a virtualized environment.

He is interested in P2P Grids and their integration with other P2P technologies, namely data transfer and resource discovery. Other domains of interest include Web applications and the Open Source community.

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