Since 2003 Belnet has been the Certification Authority for the granting of grid/HPC certificates for Belgian researchers. This has been done via a private Belnet CA service. Due to the aging of both hard- and software of the service, Belnet in consultation with concerned parties has decided to move this service to Digicert where it becomes part of a range of certificate services.

All organisations connected to Belnet have the possibility to sign a contract with Belnet for the Digicert service.

The organisations that have researchers that need a grid/HPC certificate all have a Belnet contract for Digicert services. Hence all researchers that alrady use such certificates can easily obtain a new certificate via the new service.

The new Grid/HPC certificate system starts now.

Researchers who sill have a valid certificate can continue to use it till the end of the validation period.

Go to How to get a grid/HPC certficate for information about the procedure to get the Digicert grid/HPC certificate.

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