Since 2017, BEgrid had been offering an IaaS cloud service through the EGI Federated Cloud (or FedCloud). So far, this cloud service was only usable through command-lines under Linux. Recently, with the help of the EGI and AppDB Teams (special thanks to Marios Chatziangelou from IASA in Athens), our virtual organization beapps has been integrated into the EGI VMOps Dashboard, allowing users from beapps to create and manage their VMs thanks to this user-friendly Graphical User Interface.

One of the most exciting features of VMOps Dashboard is its integration into EGI AppDB, the EGI catalog for scientific applications, allowing researchers to directly instantiate appliances from the rich AppDB Cloud Marketplace.

Our BEgrid Wiki has already been updated with detailed practical information about how to use this new facility.

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