Today, EGI launched the EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund. The Fund was established by the EGI Council with the goal to stimulate targeted actions that bring benefits within the EGI Community in the short to medium term.
Project proposals should align with the vision, mission and strategy of the EGI Federation and create changes in the production environment or validate concepts that justify further investments.
The Strategic and Innovation Fund can be accessed by the EGI Council participants, affiliate participants and represented organisations. Belgian universities and research institutes can submit proposals thanks to the BEgrid membership in EGI.
The Fund accepts four types of project proposals that relate to the level of maturity of the proposed solution: Proof of Concept, Prototype, Major Innovation, and Patch (see description of projects).
Do you want to improve the EGI services and help us make more users happy? Check the priority topics for investment for 2018 and apply by June 15th!
See more information about the EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund

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