Applications on demand

Researchers are running their own applications on the grid and several success stories of their use have been reported throughout the years.

Information has been collected about applications the researchers wanted to be made available on BEgrid. Answers came from researchers covering several disciplines. Sofware wanted is: Amanda, Q-Chem, Hamess-US, ORCA, OpenFoam, Matlab, Mathematica, IDL, Octave, GATE, CPLEX, ArcGIS, ABInit, OPtimus, R, BLAST and the C/C++ libraries: OpenCV, FTTW3 and boost.

Installation of those software packages on the grid is a major effort and demands the necessary manpower. Commercial software packages can need a considerable budget.

An installation plan is considered where software is gradually made available. Announcements of their availability will be made via the mailing lists.

If you need more information or want to add another package to the list, contact Stéphane Gérard