Virtual Organisation Management

BEgrid Virtual Organisations

A Virtual Organisation (VO) is a group of users that can use a well defined part of the resources in a grid. The VO mechanism permits a resource provider to control access to his resources.

BEgrid maintains beapps, a general purpose VO open to all Belgian researchers

VOs are managed via the VOMS (Virtual Organisation management Server) that is part of the grid middleware.

To request VO Membership follow the procedure detailed below (1):

  • From a browser where your BEGrid-certificate and key are installed, go to
  • In the menu, select the VO you need to join (beapps).
  • Choose “New user registration”. Some fields will (should) be filled in already; complete your phonenumber and your institution name; submit your request.
  • Wait for an email from confirming your membership to the requested VO. There is a manual step needed before this email get sent, this might take some time.
  • You should now be able to run the command “voms-proxy-init –voms beapps” on a UI.
  • After at most 6 hours, you should have access to the part of the BEGrid infrastructure that corresponds to your VO.(Give time to resources to synchronise their database with the VO-server).

(1) You need to have a valid grid certificate installed on the machine on which you are requesting the VO membership